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Teamvantage Acquires MMD Medical

Integrated, experienced contract manufacturing solutions deliver faster time to market, reduce risk for medical device customers

FOREST LAKE, MINN. (March 15, 2022) – Teamvantage, an industry leader in state-of-the-art, custom contract manufacturing and injection molding, announced its acquisition of MMD Medical, a medical device manufacturer with an aligned value proposition to help customers overcome business challenges, bring devices to market faster and reduce risk in the process. MMD Medical’s capabilities include injection molding, precision machining and a large array of mold building expertise.

“Teamvantage is on a strong growth trajectory, and this partnership enhances our ability to provide creative solutions for our customers' unique manufacturing challenges and compete in the global marketplace,” said Teamvantage Chief Executive Officer Dave Hemink. “MMD Medical’s capabilities and processes are very complimentary to the Teamvantage platform, providing a fully integrated, single source with differentiated precision manufacturing capabilities to serve a broad base of current and new customers.”

Teamvantage provides 50 years of expertise in engineering, design, high-precision, custom mold building and manufacturing to guide customers from conception to completion, helping organizations bring medical devices to market faster while reducing risk. MMD Medical helps OEMs overcome business challenges through engineering innovative solutions, simplifying supply chains, shortening lead times and creating more efficient processes. The acquisition creates the potential for significant value to customers by adding scale and capacity, creating operational efficiencies, and expanding access to major medical customers.

About Teamvantage

Founded in 1972, Teamvantage is an industry leader in fully integrated custom contract manufacturing, solving medical device OEM customers’ toughest challenges by providing strong problem solving capabilities to help customers achieve repeatable solutions with a long-standing track record of success. With expertise in state-of-the-art, custom contract manufacturing and injection molding, Teamvantage provides nimble, end-to-end solutions for medical device OEMs that help bring medical devices to market faster and on budget by reducing risks through extensive knowledge and capabilities. For more information, visit

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Founded in 1972, we are a state-of-the-art, custom contract manufacturer and injection molder providing creative solutions to our customers' unique manufacturing challenges.

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