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New Equipment at Teamvantage

In order to support our sustained growth and to continue to offer the latest industry technology to our customers, we are excited to announce the purchase of the following equipment for our facility.

  • 200 ton Nissei injection molding machine equipped with a Yushin robot
  • 100 ton Sodick injection molding machine
  • 165 ton Sodick injection molding machine
  • 495 ton Sodick injection molding machine
  • 715 ton Sodick injection molding machine
  • Overhead crane for our secure development room
  • 2 Branson 200XC sonic welders
  • UR collaborative robot

The new injection molding machines and sonic welders are similar to versions we currently possess, which helps to standardize our operations and increase efficiency in terms of operation; setup and changeover; and maintenance on the new equipment.

The collaborative robot can be used in many applications and is beneficial to maintaining consistent cycle times, which in turn will result in consistent product quality and increased efficiency.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 651.464.3900 today to schedule a tour of our facility.

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Teamvantage is...

Teamvantage is not your typical manufacturing company.

Founded in 1972, we are a state-of-the-art, custom contract manufacturer and injection molder providing creative solutions to our customers' unique manufacturing challenges.

Vitally important to the success of every program is the unparalleled collaboration of our team of experts with yours.

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